Year Of/The Bear is a two-installment album and multimedia experience. 

Year Of release: Summer, 2018. 

The Bear release: Fall, 2018. 

The record is dedicated to the memory of Ross "the bear" Eames.


Kurt Reifler, Songs

Kurt’s a musician (vocals, guitar, drums), writer, and entrepreneur.

Co-Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist, Drummer - Year Of/The Bear. 

Co-Producer, Singer, Guitarist, Drummer - "The Louisville Live Sessions."


Dylan Stoddard, Sounds

Dylan’s a musician (electric/upright bass, piano), producer, and A/V designer.

Co-Producer, engineer, mixer, bassist, pianist, organist - Year Of/The Bear.

Engineer, mixer, bassist - "The Louisville Live Sessions."


Nick Goldring, Sights

Nick’s a musician (drums, guitar), videographer, and journalist.   

Co-Producer, videographer, editor - Year Of/The Bear (videos).

Co-Producer, videographer, drummer, guitarist - "The Louisville Live Sessions."


Ryan Scott:

Ryan's a musician (bass), luthier, and guitar technician.

Bassist, guitar technician - Year Of/The Bear Tour (USA, 2018).


Frank Cueto:

Mixing, mastering -  Year Of/The Bear


Jennifer Martin: 

Images and additional filming credits